The Ultimate Nugget Bundle
The Ultimate Nugget Bundle
The Ultimate Nugget Bundle
The Ultimate Nugget Bundle
Tubby Nugget

The Ultimate Nugget Bundle

Regular price $87.00 Sale price $118.00

Hi friend! Welcome to our Ultimate Tubby Nugget Bundle, which includes ALL of the following nugget merch at a HUGE discount!

  • 1 Tubby Nugget plush ($25 value)
  • 1 Tubby Nugget pillow ($22 value)
  • 1 Tubby Nugget spaceship containing all four keychains ($40 value)
    • A regular Nugget keychain
    • A pineapple Nugget keychain
    • A purple ube donut Nugget keychain
    • A frosty blue donut Nugget keychain
  • 3 Tubby Nugget Pins ($21 value)
    • A Tubby Heart pin
    • A Tubby Ube pin
    • A Tubby Surprise pin
  • 3 Tubby Nugget Sticker Sheets ($10 value)
    • Tubby's Classic Comic Pack
    • Tubby's Snack Pack
    • Tubby Loves You Pack

That means almost EVERYTHING in our store for only $87 ($118 value)!  

You can keep all of these goodies for yourself, or you can give some of them away to friends to spread the Tubby Nugget love 

Thank you so much for supporting our mission to create the most positive corner of the internet - we hope this bundle brings you just as much joy as it brings us!


Josh, Jenine, and Tubby Nugget

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