Who We Are

Hi there! It’s Josh and Jenine, creators of Tubby Nugget.

You’re probably here because you enjoy the Tubby Nugget comics. And we do too!! What started off as little doodles to make ourselves laugh, or cheer us up, has reached thousands of people around the world. It’s been a dream of ours to create a plush toy based off our beloved character, and now it's grown to be so much more!

When you buy our merch, you make it possible for us to continue drawing webcomics, as well as create wholesome, uplifting content for thousands of people to see. We love Tubby Nugget just as much as you do, and we believe a little nugget-love can make a huge difference in people’s lives :)

Thanks for visiting the site! We hope you have a wonderful, nuggety day!


Josh, Jenine, and Tubby Nugget 


Josh, Jenine, and Nugget!